Linux on Thinkpad{701C,365CD}

Linux on Thinkpad{701C,365CD}

Post by Jon Hal » Mon, 12 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I am considering buying a thinkpad 701c or a thinkpad 365CD notepad.
Of course,  I plan on running linux on it quite a bit.

Does anybody have experience in running linux/Xfree86 on either of
these machines.



1. Thinkpad 365CD and XF86

Sorry if this it to the wrong group.

I have installed and configured Slakware 2.0. on my Thinkpad 365CD.  I
have sucessfully gotten X to run in a resolution of 80x60?, and it is
awful.  I cannot find anything that works with it in a higher
resolution.  My Tpad doesn't support more than 640x480 under windoze 95
on the active matrix display.  Do I need to upgrade to a newer version?
This X was installed from the slakware 2.0 cd I have.  Everything else
seems to work great in fact I have configured TCP/IP and DHCPd to work
on my network at home.



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