Creative pnp setup

Creative pnp setup

Post by Paul Anderso » Fri, 12 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I have a CT3600 card (ISA, grrrrr). I have yet to be able to make it
work. I spoke with Creative support (knowing they don't do linux, just
wanted to get some other config options).

I'm using RH5.2, and should be able to make this puppy fly (without
drop kicking it that is, but I'm considering it)  :-)

Any ideas short of swapping it with an SB16 in other boxes I have here?

Oh my god, they killfiled Kenny! You bastards!

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1. Creative VIBRA16X PnP Setup Heeeeeeeelp!!!

Hi, folks
2 weeks ago, I installed S.u.S.e Linux 5.2. The system is running
nicely so far but I still got some problems with my sound

I have a VIBRA16X Pnp sound card working just fine under WIN95.

Of course, I use the isapnp tool in order to intialize the card.
The params are set as follows:

SB16 IRQ        5
SB16 Base          220
8 Bit DMA       1
16 Bit DMA      5    
OPL-3 Base        388
MPU Base          330

I recently read the newer Vibras don't have any 16 Bit DMA. Is that
true? How do set it then ?

The kernel sound support is configured as a module with all params set
according to the above listed values.

After booting the system ,  inititializing the card and sound module
insertion, I SUCCESSFULLY check the configuration by sending some *.au
and *.wav files to /dev/audio and /dev/dsp respectively. Even
/dev/sndstat looks as I expect it to (not parentheses surrounding ANY

So far, so good!

Now the problem:

I just can't get rplayd get to work

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