Pentium/Triton Hardware diagnostics wanted

Pentium/Triton Hardware diagnostics wanted

Post by Paul Flinde » Sun, 14 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Can anyone recommend a good hardware diagnostics suite for Triton
chipset based systems. Something freeely available would be ideal but
I don't mind parting with (a small sum of) money if necessary. More
importantly it should require the minimum software on the machine
(i.e. nothing except the BIOS or perhaps DOS but nothing more

I'm fairly certain that the problems that I'm having running Linux are
L2 cache based but I'd like some evidence before I try to tackle the
supplier - their view is "not DOS/Windows, therefore not supported,
therefore not our problem".


Paul Flinders


1. old hardware/bios story: linux 6.1, slackware 9.0, CDROM, pentium III, pentium I

Hi, I ran into a wierd situation yesterday when I tried installing
slackware 9.0 on an ancient 150 MHz machine. This is my story:

A 4.2 GB HDD was connected to a pentium III machine, and red hat linux
6.1 was installed on it. Then I took this hard drive to the 150 MHz
Intel pentium machine and when the computer was switched on, it said
startup disk was inserted, the machine booted. Immediately kudzu
showed some problems and wanted to unconfigure some hardware, and i
said ok.

However, at one point, it said "unconfiguring Intel corporation:
Unknown device", and when I told it to go ahead, it exited saying
there was a bus error.

I then got sick of this, cause there was no immediate solution in
sight. I then decided the whole idea of
install-on-one-machine-and-move-to-next was bad.  So now I wanted to
install linux on the 150 machine itself. This motherboard has two IDE
slots (primary, secondary), and the bios is Award (version ~ 1.08
antique). I connected the CDROM to secondary IDE (jumper set to
master). Now, the bios doesn't know the CDROM exists, but after
booting into linux with the floppy, i am able to mount the CDROM as

Is it possible to run the install program in the CDROM somehow so that
I get rid of this mess right away? The linux i want to install from
the cd is slackare 9.0 (just the basic stuff only).

I wil be thankful for any helpful responses,


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