Adaptec 2930U Mac SCSI card

Adaptec 2930U Mac SCSI card

Post by peel » Thu, 20 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I know the Adaptec 2930CU and 2930UW cards work with linux. Has anyone
used or does anyone know if the 2930U card for the mac will work under
the same SCSI driver. Any info is helpful. Thanks, -peel

John Peel
Blue Road Productions


1. LinuxPPC 1999 fully compatible with Adaptec PowerDomain 2930U SCSI card?

I am currently running LinuxPPC 1999 on my PowerPC 8500/180
using an external 1 GB jaz drive with minimum problems but I
need more space to fully use the system.

I am consider buying a Ultra SCSI hard drive and a Adaptec
PowerDomain 2930U SCSI card. Is this SCSI card fully
compatible with LinuxPPC 1999?


John Chauvin  

Netcom - Online Communication Services San Jose, CA

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