Looking for PCI video card advice

Looking for PCI video card advice

Post by Acme » Fri, 14 May 1999 04:00:00

I'm currently using a PCI Rendition V1000 card; it's supported by XFree86,
but only as a non accelerated card (the V1000 is a very sharp but rather
slow SVGA card).  I'd appreciate any advice you can offer regarding PCI
video card performance under XFree86 (I'm running Slackware 3.5 but have
upgraded the X software).  Requirements are:

   -- PCI
   -- cheap ($100 or less)
   -- better than the V1000 I have
   -- sharp
   -- accelerated under XFree86

Candidates are a TNT-based card or one of the ATI Rage cards, along with -
possibly - a Matrox card; Win95 and * are a consideration.

Thanks for your advice!


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