linux with WD 1GB harddrive

linux with WD 1GB harddrive

Post by Wenlin Hsie » Sun, 26 Feb 1995 02:55:49

I suppose this should be a FAQ but I couldn't find the answer in
the linux FAQ. I have a 486 66MHz with two hard drives. The first
hard drive is a Western Digital 1G HD (as my C:\ under DOS), the second
one is also Western Digital HD with only 250M. The second HD is where
I put Linux. Now, when I try to access the files under DOS, Linux won't
let me do so. It complains about the cylinders (2100 for the 1G HD). Also
If I don't use boot disk to bootup, the linux don't let me run setup for
the same reason. What I don't understand is that I have my linux
installed on the 250M HD why does linux want to access the 1G HD when I
do the setup? Has this problems been solved yet? Please share your experences
with me. Thanks!!

Wen-Lin Hsieh


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I currently have a WD Caviar 540 HD, and am getting an additional WD
1GIG IDE drive (also a Caviar).  Is there built in compatibility in
the kernel (im using 1.1.89 currently) for the WD GIG IDE drive?  I
just want to make sure it is before i purchase one.  Thank you!!

Scotty Boyles a.k.a RollerbladeMan!!!

BA - '97
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