Accel videocard

Accel videocard

Post by Kamil Toma » Wed, 17 Feb 1999 04:00:00


I'm on the point of buying a super accelerated videocard. But: I still don't know
which one ;-). 2D absolutely needed to be fast, 3D is fine but not required.
I'm thinking of these cheap:

i740 (noname or Diamond)
Maxtrox G100
S3 Savage 3D

How is the support and how the accelerations go? Does X11 and (console or graphics console) work fine?

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1. Accel videocard

I'm about to buy a new monitor and I'll probably have to change my old Trio64
1meg videocard. I'd like to have st. working fine and _accelerated_ with X and
(if possible) in SVGAlib programs (and maybe SVGATextMode). The videocard
should be about 4+ MB.  What do you suggest? PCI or AGP? Whatever well
supported (the cheaper the better).


Kamil Toman

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