yet another CD-ROM question

yet another CD-ROM question

Post by Mark Lew » Fri, 03 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I used to have Slackware 3.0 installed using an old IDE motherboard
with 2 hard drives and a Mitsumi 2X CDROM. I had no trouble installing
LINUX at that time (relatively speaking). I recently did some hardware
upgrading adding a motherboard with EIDE, upgrading one of my hard
drives to 2.5GB. and bought a Creative Soundblaster (16bit) and
Creative 8X CD to replace my Mitsumi. Because of anticipated
problems moving data from my old to new hard drives, I deleted LINUX
from my system with the intent to re-install from my newly acquired
Slackware 96 CD.

My problem is now that I have created boot and ROOT diskettes, I cannot
get LINUX to access my CD. I have tried using the drivers listed for
Creative CD's and that didn't work. After checking Usenet and other
sources, I was led to believe that the higher speed Creative CDROMs
(4X or higher ) use the straighht IDE interface so I tried that also.
Additionally, I read about the CDROM being plugged as slave as mine was
and replugged it to master.
  My hardware setup is as follows: harddrive 1 is a 540MB Western
Digital; harddrive 2 is a 2.5GB Wester Digital. both are on primary
IDE. Secondary IDE is empty (I actually have another harddrive but
can't install at this point due to lack of space in my PC case. The
CD is connected to my Soundblaster card. Is this my problem? Is this
the third IDE channel? When I ran setup, I had Linux try to auto-detect
the CDROM and when that faikled, I directed setup to the 3rd and even
the 4th IDE channel. Nothing seemed to work.
One LINUX hacker I know suggested I unplug the CD from the SoundCard
and plug directly into the secondary IDE connector. Will I lose any
capability doing this (I also run DOS/Windows and OS2)?
Any and all help would be appreciated. Reply either to the newsgroup or


1. Yet another IDE CD ROM Question :)

I have Red Hat Linux 3.0.3.  I have tried the floppyless, one floppy, and
three floppy installs with no success.  I can't get Linux to recognize my
Mitsumi IDE CD ROM (FX-400D ?).  The drive is configured as slave and is
connected to the the ISA IDE connector on my Promise EIDE2300+ EIDE
controller.  I've been watching various threads on similar subjects, and it
would appear that the drive needs to be the master on the secondary
controller.  Is this correct? If so, am I going to have to kill another slot
by installing the goofy little controller that came with the drive or can I
cable the CD ROM to my Soundblaster 32.  I think I tried this, but couldn't
get DOS to see it.  I guess I need to bury myself in the volumes of info
that came with the sound card. ;) TIA!  (BTW, please post and e-mail if ya
can.  I don't get a chance to read the groups very often.  Thanx :)

Jason Lee

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