IOMEGA Ditto 2GB,parallel port

IOMEGA Ditto 2GB,parallel port

Post by Jens Reiman » Wed, 25 Aug 1999 04:00:00

Hallo together,
I have a IOMAGE Ditto 2GB tape for the parallel port and I would use it with
the 2.2.x kernel. But compile the sources failed all time. There is a patch for
the 2.1.119 kernel, but with the 2.2.11 it failed.

Im normaly not in the list. Can somebody mail me it directly?

Jens Reimann


1. Iomega DITTO 2GB parallel Port with LINUX ?

Has anyone a hint how to use the EXTERNAL PARALLEL PORT version of the
Iomega ditto 2GB Tape drive with Linux?

Can you use it with ftape?

Please tell me your experiences.

I am only interested in using the external Iomega ditto Drive!

Is there an SCSI Version (EXTERNAL)?

Greetings, Uwe


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