Server Motherboard

Server Motherboard

Post by David Siebe » Sat, 05 Jan 2002 00:40:40

Any suggestions on a good motherboard for a Database server?
My dream board would support
Intel P3
4 Dimm Slots
and would have onboard
Audio (Not really needed)
IDE RAID ATA-100 or ATA-133

It has to be very reliable.
Any suggestions?


1. Linux server motherboard

I'm considering putting together a departmental class Linux file server.
Currently, I have a Sparc 10 that provides NFS, NIS, and mail services.
The Linux file server will take over these functions and we will probably
add Samba and Web serving as well.

I'm trying to decide if there is any advantage to going with dual Xeon
processors on GX motherboards, instead of the usual P2's on BX motherboards.
A couple of vendors, namely Tyan and Supermicro have Xeon GX motherboards,
but they are on the expensive side.  The numbers I've seen are around $3k
for 512k L2 dual Xeons and $5-6k for 1M L2 dual Xeons; that's just the CPUs
and motherboard, no memory and peripherals.  The BX boards are under $2k
with dual P2s.  I would be able to buy 2 BX machines for the price of 1 GX
Xeon machine and have use one as a backup machine in case the other fails.

I'd appreciate any thoughts on the matter.  Thanks!

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