Sarge + Non-binary dual head pci-express card?

Sarge + Non-binary dual head pci-express card?

Post by Bolla » Wed, 15 Dec 2004 23:48:31

I'd like to buy a dual-head pci-express video card.
I have a dual head setup, and the card needs to work on Debian Sarge.

I will use the video card exclusively for X-Windows, no games, no 3D.

I do not want to use binary drivers.

Does anyone have any recommendations on which card to go for?

Thanks :)


1. Dual head on PCI express platform

Greetings, Lineons.

Looking for recommendations on a PCIe or PCI video card to support dual
head analog with on linux (must also support Win XP, but not dual
head, necessarily). I understand that PCIe requires a 2.6 kernel. AGP
cards are not an option in this instance. I will be installing into an
Intel 915 based motherboard. Right now I am leaning toward a Matrox P650
PCI card. Any problems with this card? I expect to be using either
Fedora Core 3 or 4, or Scientific Linux 4. Other distros may be
considered if there are compelling reasons.

I do not require high-end performance, gaming features, or fancy 3D
support. This will be a desktop workstation used primarily for system
admin and software development. Pretty plain vanilla use.

It looks like right now is a somewhat poor time to be setting this up,
what with AGP slots going away on the motherboards, and the strongest
contingent of dual-head video cards being AGP based cards. I would
particularly welcome success stories and or failure stories for specific
makes/models of video cards, especially on the Intel 915 chipset

Are there any special facts that I need to be aware of? Any reason to
simply NOT do this?


        ---   Rod Nussbaumer

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