ARMNote Laptops, Turn Key Red hat Linux Solution

ARMNote Laptops, Turn Key Red hat Linux Solution

Post by Salman Nasi » Thu, 10 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Dear Friends
Forget about all the hassels you have to go through to configure a laptop
correctly. Worry about drivers, color depth and other support issues.

Hi, I am Salman Nasir, Dir. Of Sales & Marketing, ARM Computer, Inc.  We
have teamed up some Linux Guru's such as yourselves and have come up with a
turn key solution for your moibile computing needs.

We have laptops that range from AMD k6-2 400mHZ IN A 12" SCREEN all the way
to PIII 650Mhz step speed intel processors in a 15" active color.  All
support issues have benn taken care of.

Please contact me if you wish to get more information and / or purchase the

Salman Nasir
Dir. of Sales & Marketing


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