Dual Head Framebuffer

Dual Head Framebuffer

Post by PJC » Wed, 19 Jul 2000 04:00:00

I have been trying to get the dual head framebuffer support to work with my
two Matrox Millenium I cards. Has anyone managed  to get dual head working
with matroxfb? If so, what patch did you apply to the kernel before
compiling )if any). I am running kernel 2.2.17 and at bootup, the first card
is found and setup, but the system crashes when it finds the second.  If I
remove either card it runs with no problem.  It is also fine when I don't
add dual head support, but do use console fb support. Is there somekernel
argument I should be paaing other thanthe standard resolution? Any ideas out



1. Dual Heads (well actually one head, and a VT320)

I have a Sparc 10 with Solaris 7 here at home, with a standard Sun Head
on it, and that is no problem. I'd like to add a VT320 terminal I have
on to /dev/cua. I almost have it working but would like some
suggestions, before I "fix" it. I can do a "/etc/getty cua 9600" and I
get a login prompt on the terminal, it won't let me login and gives me:

No utmpx entry. You must exec "login" from the lowest level shell.

Before I just add this to a script in /etc/rc3.d. What am I missing?
last time I played with dual terminals like this it was SunOS 4.1.3 so
I'm a little rusty.


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