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1. I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My time it a limited to loging on Aol to read my messages in this
newsgroup, so please send me a e-mail message.  I am running a Fidonet
system, and I just hit one key to read all of mail.

I have gone thru and read the Linux Bible, and the Linux Bible thats on
the Cdrom, and including all the how to files.  I am unable to find
anything that tells me how fix the problem that I am having with ttyS1
file, and ifmail.

I am currently running Linux Version 2.0 from Slackware, ifcico, ifmail,
sendmail, and inn.

My Linux machine is setup as Fidonet 1:109/202, and my local hub is

Elm is used to send a netmail message (e-mail), and is processed by
ifmail, and is placed in the /var/spool/ifmail/outb director.  

When my local hub sends me a netmail message (e-mail), a file is created
in the /var/spool/ifmail/inb directory.  The file ownership belongs to bin
bin, and the read and write file promissions are turned off for group and
all.  Ifmail is telling me in the log files, that its unable to open the
file because of the file promissions.  Incomming files should be owned by
uucp and the group should be bin.  I am not sure why its doing this?  Or
if a configuration file, or some other utility on my linux machine that
making it act this way?

The other problem I am having is with ttyS1 that is located in the /dev
directory.  When I boot my system, its turning off the read and write file
promissions for group and all. If I chmod ttyS1 file with 0777 and reboot
the system, then the file promissions return back to the old settings of
read and write is turned off for the group and all, and the p200 script
file will not run because is unable to access /dev/ttyS1.  If I chmod
ttyS1 with 0777, the system will dail my local hub, then the system will
reset the file promissions for ttyS1 back to the old settings (Owner
read,write), (groups read=Off, Write=off), and (all read=off, write=off)..

Can someone please help me.  Please send your response to

Thank You
Phillip Taylor .

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