FIC VA503+, K6-2

FIC VA503+, K6-2

Post by Andrew Comec » Sat, 27 Jun 1998 04:00:00

You probably need to check the speed of your front side bus;
VA-503+ is supposed to be capable of doing 100MHz, and this
is too much for your EDO RAM (not all SDRAMs would work
reliably at that speed either).


FIC VA503+, K6-2

Post by Andrew Comec » Sat, 27 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Oops, sorry, I did not notice you came down to FSB=66MHz.


FIC VA503+, K6-2

Post by Jim Zub » Mon, 29 Jun 1998 04:00:00

> I recently got an FIC VA503+ motherboard and a new 300Mhz K6-2 (K6-3D) CPU.
> Put the K6 in the motherboard. My old memory (2 * 16Mb EDO + 2 * 32Mb EDO)
> in the motherboard, and plugged in my video card. Fired the machine up. Boot
> into Linux. Boots way faster than my old P100 system. Fires up some daemons
> etc, then freezes solid. Reboot, boot into single user. Pretty much same

Which daemons?  Any errors messages before it freezes?

Any bootup error messages?

Quote:> story. Since I've been booting into linux init=/bin/bash which always works.
> I can fsck /dev/hdb1 (my /) fine. However, fscking any other partitions
> tends to fail in various ways. Sometimes it freezes solid (SysRq doesn't
> help). Sometimes I just get a kernel panic (stuff like divide by 0, couldn't
> get the page a function requested, general protection fault). And very
> rarely I can actually fsck a drive. modprobe -a seems to consistently freeze

What IDE controller do you have compiled in your kernel?

Quote:> hard. I've been trying all kinds of combos with large/lba/normal/auto-detect
> for the drive configurations. Tried using only my 2 16s or my 2 32s as

Did you transplant these drivers from your old system or did you refdisk
andinstall everything?

If you transplanted they need to be setup identically to the way they were
on your old system wrt access type.

Quote:> opposed to all of 'em. Tried 4.5 x 66, 2 x 66, 3 x 66. With the AMD
> recommended jumper settings (3 x 100) the machine doesn't do anything. At

You can't run at 3x100 because your memory is not fast enough.

Quote:> least doesn't get to the point where my video card (S3 Trio64) produces a
> signal my monitor likes. It boots into Windows safe mode/DOS fine. Windows
> can do a surface scan on C: (/dev/hda1, all below magic limit so it's
> bootable) with no problems.

My guess is you have the wrong IDE controller compiled in.

What does your dmesg output show?

Jim Zubb


1. FreeBSD 3.3, FIC VA503+, AMD K6-III, mod_perl, and apache

This is about FreeBSD 3.3 but it takes a while to get there.

Well, I just got some new hardware and was excited about installing
the latest FreeBSD release.  The only catch is that memory prices
skyrocked and I could not afford the PC-100 RAM that I wanted.

I installed 128MB of 60ns EDO Simms but was having various problems
and I had to clock down the processor in order to get the system to
run stable.  At least I thought it was stable.

I downloaded the iso image of 3.3-Release and installed it just fine.
I compiled apache for a test of stability and everything went well.
I then backed up and tried to build mod_perl and apache together but
got errors in the configure step.  Thinking this was hardware related
I clocked the precessor even slower.  Next time the errors occured
during the make.  I did a clean install of 3.3 again at the slower
clock speed but mod_perl and apache would not build.  The compiler
would halt with different errors each time I tried.

Next I was able to dig up some 128MB EDO ECC DIMMs and went though
the whole process again.  Still, mod_perl would not build.

Finally I decided for some reason to go back to FreeBSD 3.2 and give
it a try.  The bottom line is that with 3.2 and my hardware running
at full speed I have a stable system and mod_perl builds without
a hitch.

Either the iso image or CD copy is bad or there are major problems
with FreeBSD 3.3

Has anyone else experienced problems like this with 3.3?


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