Phillips CDROM

Phillips CDROM

Post by Lee Magui » Wed, 18 Jan 1995 22:23:37

Has anyone had any experience getting a Phillips CDROM (Mitsumi Compatible 2x
speed) to work with Linux.  I think the command codes are incompatible with
those specified in mcd.h & mcd.c and I would like to find out the correct ones.

Email replies are preferred but post if you want.

Thanx in advance...

Lee F. Maguire


1. Phillips CDROM 12.3B/05 with Linux?

I have Linux working on my Sager NP9500 laptop and have been trying to get
the CDROM recognized for some time.  I called Sager and they said it was a
Phillips 12.3B/05 CD-ROM drive and that is about all I could get out of them.

Has anyone gotten this drive to work on their laptop?  Any information that
would help me get it working would be grealy appreciated.  Thanks



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