Question about hardwares supporting Linux

Question about hardwares supporting Linux

Post by JNB33.. » Tue, 16 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Hello Linux users!
I am going to purchase a IBM-PC clone for my new PC! Actually I am
newbie about IBM-PC clone. I will enjoy Linux or PC-UNIX on it. but
I heard that we shoud be careful about choosing M/B, Video card, and
CD-ROM, etc, because some of them don't support Linux. Actually I don't
know which instrument supports or don't support Linux !!! How can I get
these information like this ?

My new PC will be as follows..

M/B Asustec PCI/I-55TP4N
Intel Triton Chipset.
6 times speed CD-ROM(ATAPI)
MGA Milleniam video card(2MB)
Sound Blaster Vibla sound card.
3.5 inch 3 mode FD.

I hope to get advice from you via email..8-) I am a lost sheep. Please help
me!!! I hope to know the home page dealing with the former probrem.

Thanks in advance..

P.S. Why is IBM-PC clone's world so confused ??  
     Execuse of my hasty writing..
* Fumiaki Minematsu from Yokohama city in Japan.*



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