anyone running Linux on Toshiba Satellite Pro 46x CDX?

anyone running Linux on Toshiba Satellite Pro 46x CDX?

Post by Taso Lyristi » Thu, 25 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I've got everything running, but there's still one annoying glitch -
When I start X, the LCD screen has these strange fast-moving horizontal
lines running through it.  If I toggle the display to external monitor
then back to LCD, everything is perfect.  Surely there must be SOME
magic modeline that will get it to sync correctly right from the start.
If someone has this magic modeline, please let me know.

Besides that, this is a rather nice laptop to run Linux on.


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    The compilers and other developer stuff are the same as in RedHat Linux
?  I need the same development tools as in Linux.


Alexandro Dario Pestana

ICQ: 31182563
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