Floppy problem ....

Floppy problem ....

Post by Tauc » Tue, 01 Jul 1997 04:00:00


got a little tricky hardware problem....

My floppy refuses to work completely in DOS/win3.1 and doesn't even boot from
Strange thing is that linux (of course) and even M$95 (strange thing) operates
just normal with that stupid thing.

In set the boot-up sequence in bios on A,C and the drive type is set to
(1.44 MB 3,5 '')
, or is there anything else in bios referring floppy drives (except its
controller which is enabled , of course)

A new cable and another floppy (which operates fine in another box)
haven't changed anything....

If somebody could help me, please reply or mail back to :

Stefan 8-))


1. floppy problems, not a mounting problem

I've seen a lot of posts regarding how to mount floppies after
installation, but what do you do if your installation boot disk works
fine until you want to create a boot disk?

 My bootnet.img floppy boots fine, and the installation goes smoothly
until I get to the 'create a boot floppy' part. When I get here, the
installation program doesn't even try to read or write to the disk I
put in the floppy drive. It just pops up with a floppy drive error
everytime I try. The drive works flawlessly in Win98 and during the
installation boot process.

Any ideas?


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