Hitachi CDR-7730 CD-ROM Drive: Problem with tar

Hitachi CDR-7730 CD-ROM Drive: Problem with tar

Post by Evan Che » Wed, 25 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Well, my Hitachi CDR-7730 CD-ROM drive that came with my
Dell XPS P100c has been trouble with under DOS and Win95.
It is correctly detacted by my Linux 1.2.13 system:

        Oct 24 02:24:48 zoetic kernel: hdc: HITACHI CDR-7730, ATAPI,
        CDROM drive
        Oct 24 02:24:48 zoetic kernel: ide1: secondary interface on irq
        Oct 24 02:24:48 zoetic kernel: ide0: primary interface on irq

It mounts fine, appears to read files fine, until I try to untar
compressed files. This is the error I often get:

        tar: Skipping to next file header...

        gzip: stdin: invalid compressed data--crc error
        tar: child returned status 1

Here is another one:

        gzip: stdin: invalid compressed data--format violated
        tar: Unexpected EOF on archive file

Even if I copy the file onto my Linux file system and then untar it, it
still gives me the same error. It happens all the time with large files.

Any ideas? Has anyone else experienced the same problem with this drive?


Evan Cheng

Dept. CIS - Syracuse University
CASE Research Center                 (315) 423-7063


1. Hitachi CDR-7730 ATAPI CD-ROM drive problems

I have an el-cheapo Hitachi 7730 4x cdrom drive, which is causing me trouble.
It's connected as a master on the second internal IDE controller (/dev/hdc)
of a Soyo 5TS2 motherboard (Triton II chipset) with 32M EDO RAM. The thing
is running the 2.0.10 kernel.

The problem is that data are read corrupted off the cdrom. The correct
sizes are reported, but the a small number of bytes in some files is read
incorrectly. I have tried swapping it with another 7730 that I have
(I made the mistake of buying two of them), I tried connecting it as a slave
to the second ide controller (I know that's not proper), I tried connecting
it as a slave to the first controller with a Quantum Fireball as the master
drive, I tried different cables, I tried rerouting the cables, I tried it with
different cdroms (which read fine on other drives), I even tried various PIO
modes in the bios setup, all to no avail.

Has anyone else had problems with that drive? Has anyone *not* had problems
with the drive? I'm really at a loss of what I could be doing wrong. And yes,
the thought that the drive design has occured to me, but at the moment I can't
try a different brand -- I can't get a loaner cdrom drive.

Thanks for any help,


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