video reset during kernel boot

video reset during kernel boot

Post by Pawel Paro » Tue, 07 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Is there any way to prevent resetting the video card during the kerlen
I've got a fixed-sync monitor, I set the right mode using dos version of
SVGATextMode, then use loadlin, but the video mode immediately resets to
standard 80x25 (or whatever I set with vga=xxx option). I just would
like to have it untouched, there is a mode 0x0f04 for this, but it seems
not to work.
Is really the only way to do it by hacking in video.S??

Any advices would be highly appreciated ;)

Best regards

ps. if you respond, please also cc me


1. Hard reset during kernel boot sequence

I'm trying to install Linux on a Soyo GKA2/A5 mainboard with Pentium II
- 266 MHz Processor and 128 MB Memory. Additionally the system consists
of a Matrox Millenium graphics card, an Adaptec AHA-2940 SCSI host
adaptor with attached 4 GB IBM device, an ATAPI CD-ROM and an Intel
Etherlink 16.

I tried to boot scsinet.s revision 2.0.30 to install Linux.
Unfortunately, even if I slow down the system (disabling cache, shadow
RAM and slower DRAM timing) I'm not able to recognize the last message.
The computer reboots few messages after
  'Calibrating delay loop'
(not very precise, I'm sorry).
I tried to boot with the options no-hlt no387, but I wasn't able to
boot. Additionally I tried to boot with 64 MB of memory and an
ET4000/W32 graphics card.

I suppose, that I have a problem with the processor or the mainboard.

Any suggestions ?


Hopefully Markus :-(

P.S.: DOS 6.22 and Windows NT work (as I know so far).

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