Ultra dma and Linux Slackware 2.0.18

Ultra dma and Linux Slackware 2.0.18

Post by chatel_ » Mon, 02 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I try to install Slackware 2.0.18 with Ultra-Dma hd (Seagate 3.2G)
My motherboard is Asus Sp97v,

.. but when installing with Floppy I got:
"kernel panic Unable to mount fs".

Any idea? Thanks in advance


1. More Ultra DMA 66 w/ Ultra DMA/33 IDE protocol Support


Well...  I'm wondering if (through the use of a flag...  somewhere...)
FreeBSD will support the ABIT BP6 motherboard with Ultra DMA 66 w/ Ultra
DMA/33 IDE protocol support.  Any input would be appreciated regarding the
UDMA protocol or the motherboard in particular.


Bryan Bursey
DalTech, Dalhousie University

"If you know what you're doing,
 it's not research!"  - Unknown

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