HELP!!!! AMD K5 and OPTI motherboard setup

HELP!!!! AMD K5 and OPTI motherboard setup

Post by ecb3_ » Fri, 13 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Has anyone got an AMD-K5-PR90ABQ 90Mhz processor working with an OPTI
viper 82C55xM chipset PCI motherboard? I am having trouble setting up
the BIOS and the linux bootup always crashes when trying to mount the
root filesys (hda2) the last boot message shown on screen is:
VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly

I am running kernel 2.0.0,   gcc2.7.0

I assume the K5 processor, or on board PCI EIDE hd controller is to
blame (this is only a wild guess)

or could it be the bios causing bus conflicts??

has anyone got BIOS config info for this setup of is there no chance of
getting the system running???

any help, info, advice greatfully received

thanks in advance


1. motherboard trouble? Amd K5 trouble?

I just got a new motherboard, processor, and memory.  I am now having
sig 11 problems and random faults.  I have read the sig 11 howto and i
have requested a new motherboard set and memory from my supplier, buti
was wondering if anyone else has had this trouble and determined
exactly what the problem is.

The motherboard has only MB-8500TVX on it.  The processor is an AMD K5
100 MHz, the memory is 72 pin nonparity 70 ns memory.  There is 256K
of pipeline burst cache.  The mother board is PCI.  As a note, Win95
also gets random errors.  However, I use linux 99% of the time and
would like to find a solution.  Like i said, I am getting new stuff in
the mail on tuesday.  I am just afraid that the new stuff will have
the same symptoms.  

Any suggestions?  Please CC to my email box also.  Since I am haing
trouble with my machine, reading news is hard.


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