Linux + Media Vision MMPRO16 (Jazz 16)

Linux + Media Vision MMPRO16 (Jazz 16)

Post by Claudemir Todo Bo » Sat, 07 Mar 1998 04:00:00


Im trying to setup a Media Vision Prosonic 16 (Jazz 16) on Linux,
without sucess. The soundcard in DOS need the driver PROS.SYS to
initialize (configure the card).

The file Readme.card of /usr/src/linux/drivers/sound tell me that SB Pro
driver of linux has been hacked to support it, but the instructions tell
me to not enable SB 16 and all of SB cards are in only one option.

The same file tell me that make config will ask me if I want Jazz 16
support after the answer of SB Base Address, and this is not happening.

My kernel is a 2.0.33 and Ive already tried with the sound driver that
cames with it and with the 0SS/Free driver (I think this is the same
used in 2.1.xx kernels).

newsgroup, too).

Regards (and sorry by my bad english)
Claudemir Todo Bom