floppy controlled Conner tape drive

floppy controlled Conner tape drive

Post by will » Wed, 19 Jul 2000 04:00:00

I have a file server that is running red hat 6.0.  I attached a conner
tape drive on the second floppy controller, here is the story thus far.
I have tried using rft qft and zft, none of these will recognize the
tape drive.

What I am doing is symlinking /dev/ftape to rft*, qft* or zft* none of
these will work, device not found on system when I do something like mt
-f /dev/ftape rewind

Is it something that I am missing?  If you need to know the specific
tape drive I can pull out and check the labeling. I just don't want to
if I don't have to. :)

I am using the default kernel, I am compiling a new one right after I
write this, but its my understanding this is default support for RedHat
kernels.  Any help would be great thanks.



1. : Can Linux control IDE tape drives (Conner TSM4000A)?

We recently bought a Conner TSM4000A tape drive for a DOS machine and I
was curious if anyone has had any success in controlling IDE tape drives from

A quic note about the tape drive (The drive is VERY fast):    

       54MB/m theoretical (23MB/m average in DOS)
       2GB native / 4GB compressed
       Uses Sony 3080 QIC-Wide tapes
       Small 3.5" profile

I promise I will post a solution to the newsgroup once I figure out if this
is possible.  Until then, if you know if this is/isn't possible, please

Thanks in advance!


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