Anyone tried IBM 180GXP 180 GB HD?

Anyone tried IBM 180GXP 180 GB HD?

Post by The Bar » Sun, 22 Jun 2003 07:57:04

I experience some problems with the bootloader... anyone managed to install
it over one of those?

The Bard.


1. UMAX C500/180...Anyone Try This?

Hi All,
Newbie as far as Linux goes.

Am trying to decide what is the best distro for my UMAX.  It seems that YDog
says it should work.  Anyone have Linux on a 603e/180 and how was
performance?  I am looking only to setup an FTP, HTTP and some servlet or
JSP for hacking around.

I also have a VPower G3/240.  Works well and I was hoping to use it with
Linux.  This accelerator works by starting up in the Mac OS the initiates a
warm boot to the accelerator that sits in the cache slot.  Its a long shot
but has anyone even tried to use one of these types of accelerators?


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