DC680C Driver

DC680C Driver

Post by Michael Ansle » Sat, 21 Dec 1996 04:00:00


I'm looking for a driver for a Tekram DC680C controller.  My goal is to be
able to see all four of my drives when running Linux, which I can't at the
moment.  If I don't need a DC680 driver to do this, fine: but how do I do




1. Tekram DC680C HD Cache Controller on Genoa Turbo Express VLG Board ?

I'm a Linux newbie and have installed S.u.S.E. Linux sucessfully on my
Pentium board. I could also compile my kernel without any problems.
But my son on his older Genoa Turbo Express 486 VLG Mainboard
with Tekram DC680C HD Cache Controller can not get the installation
running. Now I would like to compile a kernel for his machine on my

Which modules/options should I select ?

Any help appreciated.

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