Digiboard problems.

Digiboard problems.

Post by ChampionSOFT System Solutio » Tue, 16 May 1995 04:00:00

I'm  having some problems getting the digiboard driver for linux to work
properly, and was wondering if someone who has it working can post his
pcxxconfig.h file.

I have one PC/8 non-intelligent board with 16550 UARTS, generic unit,
status port 140, first port is 100.

I appreciate in advance, any assistance rendered.

Could this answer also be mailed to me, as I might miss it.

Thank you.
-Chris Kaminski


1. strange Digiboard problem (ISC UNIX)

I have a 386 box that's been running ISC UNIX 2.2 (SVR3) for nearly two
years now. It has a Digiboard Digichannel PC/16i (16-port serial board)
that has an unusual problem every now and then.

Every now and then (two or three times since the box was first configured)
accessing one of the ports either directly or through a dial-up results in
the following message during a login.

        Warning no access to tty (not a typewriter)
        Thus no job control in this shell

I found that the "not a typewriter" message is coming from /bin/login and
the rest of the warning message is generated by tcsh (/bin/csh will
generate a similar message). I have never been able to figure out what this
warning message means or what to do about it short of rebooting the system.

A few more clues: (1) "ps -ef" will not show an attached tty for processes
run from a session connected to the "misbehaving" port. (2) /etc/whodo
has the same problem (no tty reported attached to a process on that port).
(3) tty *does* report the correct /dev/ttyxx port when logged into the
misbehaving port. (4) 'su' will not run if logged into the bad port.

Any advice, hints, etc. would be appreciated...todd
Todd Ogasawara, U. of Hawaii, Psychology Department

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