AdB MultiWav! digital i/o card support?

AdB MultiWav! digital i/o card support?

Post by Bryan Lev » Mon, 24 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Right now, I have to use the windows 3.1 driver for this card (yuck!)  I'd
love to be able to read digital audio from this card via linux.  Anyone
working on it?

For those who don't know this card, here's what it does; its an ISA card whose
main job in life it to import/export serialized digital audio in the form of
AES/EBU (pro standard) or S/PDIF (consumer format).  It can take 75ohm coax or
toslink fiber as i/o media.  It will record and play .wav files.  I bought it
to copy my DAT audio tracks to hard disk for edit followed by the creation of
CDR-DA (audio cd's).

While I'm on the subject, are there any good linux .wav editors, similar to
CoolEdit (for windows)?  Again, I'd like to do all my work under linux.  It
would be nice to be able to extend the sound-editing program, since under
linux, chances are good that source is available ;-)

thanks in advance,

Bryan Levin

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