AHA-2940U2W with Redhat 5.1

AHA-2940U2W with Redhat 5.1

Post by Bill Denne » Sat, 26 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I've managed to install Redhat 5.1 with the images from dialnet, but I
was unsuccessful in creating the initrd image, I now have a system that
boots to the Redhat install screen every time that I boot.  My boot
partition is /dev/sdb1.  The hardware is an AHA-2940U2W with a seagate
ST32130N (not exactly sure about that model number, but it is a
relatively new narrow SCSI 2.1GB Seagate hard drive).


Bill Denney

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1. AHA-2940U2W and RedHat 5.1

Has anyone actually tried using the AHA-2940U2W and and Ultra2 hard
drive with Redhat 5.1? I read that it was compatible, but I would still
like some confirmation before I get one. I also have a SCSI-2 CDR I
would like to put on the card (on a non-Ultra2 chain). Anyone know if
this will work?

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