hardware recommendations

hardware recommendations

Post by Jeff » Sat, 26 Sep 1998 04:00:00


I am somewhat new to linux, I have used it but never installed or
administered a linux system. I am going to be buying a new system and need
some advice.

The system I am looking at is a

Pentium II 266
Tekram Motherboard Lx - uses Intel Chipset
ATI Xpert 98 AGP - 8 meg
32 meg SD-Ram ( maybe 64 )
6.4 gig Fujitsu UDMA hard Drive
56k Zoltrix Modem
32x Cd-Rom (Atapi compliant )
Soundblaster 64 AWE

I wondering if anyone has had any problems with these or if anyone is using
them and not had any problems. I've check hardware lists. the two pieces of
hardware I'm most concerned about are the motherboard ( I haven't seen it
listed but am assuming that since it has an intel chipset it should be ok ?
) and the ATI video card. I assume it should also be ok since the other ati
xpert products seem to be fine but i've seen messages about problems with
AGP cards. Any help would be great.

thanks in advance



1. recommendation on hardware recommendation

Hi, if you have time I'd appreciate the corrections to the


I know I should not have written it, but there is so much
good fast cheap hardware, while most documents like
PC-Clone UNIX Hardware Buyer's Guide do not seem to give a clue
to today's market...
For personal emails: the username is "comech".


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