Fs: Specialix board & 24 ports

Fs: Specialix board & 24 ports

Post by Ron Jone » Sat, 21 Dec 1996 04:00:00

  I have forsale a Specialix SI-Host board and three (3) 8-port terminal
adaptors (24 serial ports).
These have a DCE (female) connector on them. I'll throw in the DB-25
connects to go
to RJ-45 if you like.
  I have the Unix/Xenix driver diskette for SCO UNIX. I understand their is
a patch out there for Linux which makes it work with the Specialix board.
There may be other patches or driver software which can be had at
http://www.specialix.com for download for your particular application
(DOS-based BBS or etc).
  I may be willing to sell the terminal adaptors separately for someone else
who already has a Specialix board and would like to add 8-,16-, or 24-ports
  The SI/XIO ISA host board retails for $495.
  The modular terminal adaptors which piggy-back/daisy-chain on each other
to the board retail for upto $750.

  I am asking $1,500.00 for the whole setup.

Ron Jones


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