QLogic QLA1040/1

QLogic QLA1040/1

Post by Arthur Rink » Wed, 01 Dec 1999 04:00:00


I have a QLogic QLA1040 (single-ended) and a QLA1041 (differential) SCSI
ctrl which I like to use with Linux (2.0.36). I've already compiled a new
kernel with SCSI support for QLogic ctrl's, but that's for boards with an
ISP1020 chip, whereas the QLA have an ISP1040 chip. Though I have seen
them working, it doesn't seem to work flawlessly as most of the time I get
SCSI time outs during booting (which stall the booting process).

I'd like to know if there is support for the QLA104x boards in newer Linux
versions or maybe some patch for 2.0.xx. Or a *detailed* list of supported
hardware for Linux.

Grtz, Arthur




        I have been attempting to install Linux on my system for several
days, and have not been able to get Linux to install on my system.

        I have: 486Dx33
                Qlogic ISA SCSI adapter
                Fujitsu 2624-f Fast SCSI-2 Drive (512 meg)

        I have tried both Slackware 2.0.1, and Debian 0.91.  Either
version will boot. When booting with the Debian, when listing componets
in my system, it tells me:  SCSI: 0-hosts
                            SCSI: 0-disks  0-tapes  0-CD-ROM drives total

        Of course if Linux cannot find my scsi adapter, Fdisk cannot work.
I have repartitioned my drive under dos, leaving 200 meg for Linux. After
downloading Pfdisk, I was able to partition this 200 meg into a 180 meg,
and a 20 meg partition, and mark them Unix native. Still I cannot get
Linux to reconize this drive.

        If anyone can help me, I will be extremely grateful, and then I
can work on things like my old single Speed CD-ROM.

                              Thank You,

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