Winbook XP and external CD-ROMs

Winbook XP and external CD-ROMs

Post by Nightstrike » Tue, 29 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I have a Winbook XP (not covered in the Laptop guide) with a Panasonic
KXL-D745 external CD-ROM. The controller card is a Panasonic SCSI card. When
I try to install RH5.1, I can't get the system to recognize that the card is
there. A few questions.
1) Am I on the right track by telling it to look for SCSI, or should I tell
it other CDROM?
2) If its an other CDROM, do I need to tell it any parameters?
3) Has anyone ever tried to install on a Winbook XP?

E-mail responses are preferred. Thank you kindly in advance,

Matt Maynard
Computer Engineering student, U of Arizona

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