Dynamic PPP, CD-R, Boot from CD-ROM, RedHat Linux

Dynamic PPP, CD-R, Boot from CD-ROM, RedHat Linux

Post by David J. Halk » Fri, 20 Mar 1998 04:00:00


Is it possible to set up RedHat LINUX 5.0 to do:

o dynamic incoming and outgoing PPP

with one or more modems? (I think the answer
is YES which leads to the next question and
why this is posted in the hardware group)

Is there a recommended Modem manufacturer?
I know US Robotics modems have LOADS of
firmware issues where certain AT commands do
not work after other AT commands, and I need
something  that works reliably ALL THE TIME!

- - -

Also, I need to purchase a SCSI CD-R drive.
Typically, all SCSI drives work OK without a
problem under LINUX (so the web pages say),
but there is a NO NAME scsi CD-R drive I was
about to buy for $199 (brand new) and I needed
to know if Linux supported these things out of
the box... I know that the manufacturer will not
support Linux.

- - -

I was hoping to create a Linux Boot Drive
on a CD-ROM and have the CD-ROM format,
partition, and make file systems on the
internal hard drive... basically a complete
self install. The executable would all be
located on the CD-ROM ALL THE TIME and I
would mount the new partitions on boot-up
on top of CD-ROM mount points.

I am familiar with how to do things like
this under UNIX System V, but NOT under
Linux... Will Linux boot off of a CD-ROM
drive if it is the primary drive? Do I need
a special type of IDE CD-ROM drive? Do I
need a SCSI CD-ROM drive with the
CD-ROM set as position 0? Is there any
problems with mounting read/write slices
on top of existing mount points on a CD-ROM
in Linux?

I am setting this box up as a turn-key operation
at a church, so it has to run ALL THE TIME...
If the hard drive crashes, the idea would be to
put a new hard drive in, put the CD-ROM back
in and wait for Linux to come up and re-set
up the system the way it wants to (the tape
restore would be automated, as well). I will
purchase the Linux version if it satisfies
all of my requirements (and I will probably
purchase a great deal more over the next few
months if this pilot goes well...)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    EMAIL responses please... I will be
    watching the news group, as well...

        David J. Halko

            (NO SPAM PLEASE)


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The SLS bootdisks have been customized to allow
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End of Note

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