Media Vision Premium 3D with Linux

Media Vision Premium 3D with Linux

Post by Chris Laure » Sun, 08 Jan 1995 06:54:54

I've had a Media Vision Premium 3D sound card for a few months, and I've
been using it happily under Windows.  It would be neat to hvae it work
under Linux too, though.  I've tried various combinations of sound
drivers in the kernel (unmodified 1.1.75); the only time when I got any
sort of results is when I just enable the Sound Blaster driver.  When
I used this kernel, I was able to get static out of the speakers when I
sent a file to /dev/audio, but nothing more.  Is there anyone out there
who has a Premium 3D out there that would care to share how they
got it to work with Linux?



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Hi.  I just bought a Plextor 4Plex quad-speed CD-ROM drive.  I'm looking at
buying a SCSI-2/soundboard to hook it to.  I liked the features of the Media
Vision Pro (or Premium) 3D and what people had to say about its sound quality
in comp.hardware soundcard discussions.

But the problem I see is that it's not mentioned at all in the HOWTOs.  Has
anyone tried it?  I called Media Vision tech. support and they say the SCSI-2
chip is an "NCR CamCore" (no serial number) and it's used in a CorelSCSI card
also.  I don't think it's hardware-compatible with any other boards.  On the
DOS side, I believe a device-driver or TSR is loaded to provide SoundBlaster
API compatibility.

Should I ignore how good this card is on the DOS side and get another?

Pete Cascio           Black Forest, Colorado -- "May the forest be with you!"

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