RS6000 running Linux

RS6000 running Linux

Post by Bill Crowle » Tue, 30 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Has anyone heard of Linux being developed for IBM's RS6000 ?

It would certainly be an improvement over their AIX !


Bill Crowley


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Okay, so someone gave me a Rs-6000. I don't know nothing about these
machines...I do know about several other type of computers and Linux

Okay so who can help me...model is a 7012 "powerserver 320H" written
on front...I went to a web page about Rs6000' and I know what it is
supposed to be...originally...

I have 0 manuals. I did not get a monitor or a keyboard with box...

Here are the questions:

I am getting no video at all when powering up machine. Unit seems to
have a video card (silicon graphics ?) with a VGA connector and
connectors for some high ends monitors (looks like some kind of tiny
RCA - not familliar with these...) Can I plug in a standard VGA/SVGA
monitor and get video -- in the VGA connector, of course...really
should I be getting some video at the start? error messages etc???

Can I use a "standard" keyboard with PS2 style connector to the
Rs-6000? I seem to be getting no response from the one I plugged
in...It was checked on a PC and works fine...

What should be happening really?....I hear the 2 scsi drives spinning,
I hear them seeking away, several codes fly by on front panel and then
unit shows no codes and drives stop seeking after a while...Is this

Any other tips???

I really wanna get this thing going to run Linux on it...Or if the
port does not run on this model, I will go with AIX...but I would like
linux more...

Thanks for reading...

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