PCI Sound Cards - opinions wanted

PCI Sound Cards - opinions wanted

Post by Anthony Ewel » Wed, 18 Mar 1998 04:00:00


Has anyone succcessfully used the Soundwave Pro PCI from Siig in rh
5.0?  (Siig's
serial, parallel, and ide controllers cards are EXCELLENT, but I have
used one of their sound cards.)

Does anyone have any opinions on other PCI sound cards they like better?

Many thanks,
aewell at sierra dot net
Note: if replying, remove the "I-HATE-SPAM." from my address.


1. Opinions wanted about Boca PCI ethernet card

I am about to order a PCI box to play/work with Linux, and I need an
ethernet card. I hace decided to make a choice between:
ISA 3com 3c509 combo
PCI Boca PCnet whatever

I am leaning towards the Boca (due to a review in c't magazin of similar cards)
but I want to know the following:
Is it a combo card with thin and twisted pair ethernet?
I hope I won't need a transceiver?

Any positive/negative experiences?

I am correct in assuming that this card works with Linux? (from the HOWTO)

Thanks for your help,

Delft University of Technology                  The Netherlands

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