SCSI Help please I have read the SCSI How To(Still need help)

SCSI Help please I have read the SCSI How To(Still need help)

Post by Ashley Kitt » Mon, 06 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I have an 8-bit SCSI board with a parallel socket, it says in the how
to it will not work but, it didnt say it will never work. Could someone
please post more info on patching or cheats. Better still I may be
mis informed and the driver is right there but I have not found out

You must help me as I can not wait to get Linux up and running as my
IDE does not have enough room.

Thank you in advance, I will reply to all mails

Ashley Kitto


1. PLEASE PLEASE HELP Major problem with my SCSI & Redhat 5.0 PLEASE Help

Everything ran WONDERFUL for about 4 months this machine ran several
servers it is a UDB w/ 340mb SCSI (SLOW 5mb) half inch internal hard
drive.  32 megs of true parity ram, Red hat 5.0 I get the following

NCR53-810-0: ERROR (0:48) (0-20-0) (8/33) * scripth (868:18000400).
NCR53-810-0: Script cmd = 888030000
NCR53-810-0: regdump : da 10 80 33 47 08 00 1f 01 08 00 28 80 00 08 00
NCR53-810-0: have to clear fifos

What the HELL is this and is there anyway to fix it ?  It seems to
occur when doing file writing, when i try to tar something for example
it will go into a continual unending loop displaying the above error
message.  I have refdisked, formated, and clean installed redhat and
the problem is still there :( Please help, if at all possible mail

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