Cirrus Logic and text mode problem

Cirrus Logic and text mode problem

Post by Dani » Thu, 08 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Has any one else had problems using 132x43 VGA text
mode using the Cirrus Logic chip set?

I've used two different VGA cards, both using Cirrus Logic
chips and when I set the video mode (by lilo) to 132x43
the bottom line of the display is always jumbled.

Is this problem comman to the Cirrus line or is it something
about my configuration?



1. Cirrus Logic VGA text modes and boot/setup.S


I posted a request for help yesterday, and I got one answer.

My problem seems to be that the kernel startup code won't
recognise my video card, which is a Cirrus Logic 5428.
Its BIOS is of version 1.3

The card is very nice, and after I had read the manual I
tested the extended text modes, of which the 100x37 was
just wonderful !

The problem is that I get two alternatives when chosing
video modes:

0: 80x50
1: 80x28

which are the regular SVGA modes defines in boot/setup.S.

I received a patch for the 542x but it still doesn't
matter: I just can't get it to work. Now I wonder:

How do I get the information that the kernel setup must
get ( I mean; WHAT is the code looking for, and exactly
HOW can I check it for the purpose of adjusting setup.S
so that it recognises my card ? )

Just for a test, I replaced the settings for 'unknown'
with the settings for 'cirrus' and the new cirrus54,
and I did get the new modes ( so the card was still not
recognised ) but when I chose one of the extended modes,
It didn't work. I guess there's something vital that
the code does for each card; I just don't have a clue
to what it is.

Please help me; here I sit with a nice display card that
can give me the terrific 100x37 mode, and I can only use
80x50 or 80x28 !! Hey, I can do the work by myself, if
only I get the necessary information....

BTW, I use kernel 1.1.43, oob.



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