10/100 PCI NIC reccomendations

10/100 PCI NIC reccomendations

Post by Bryan Whit » Fri, 06 Nov 1998 04:00:00

We just got a new box is and when I went to install RedHat linux 5.0 on
it I ran into some problems.  The RedHat boot disk complained and halted
when scanning the PCI bus.  On downloaded the boot image for RedHat 5.2
and it had no problems.  I tried to start an FTP install but I could not
get it to recognize the network card.  It is an 'Encore' NIC.  It is at
work but I don't have the part number.  Even if I had the driver, I
doubt I could make the boot disk work and I would rather not wait until
the 5.2 Redhat CDs start shipping (a week or two?).

So now I am looking for a NIC that will be recognized by the RedHat 5.2
boot disks.  I have worked with tulip cards in the past and have had
good success.  But when I started looking for listed cards on the
'tulip' page I did not have much luck finding those exact models and I
have seen references to minor differences in model numbers being based
on entirely different chips.

So now my question:  What is a good currently avalable and well
supported (on linux) NIC?  10/100 RJ45, PCI based.


10/100 PCI NIC reccomendations

Post by Snappi » Fri, 06 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Hi I'm new to  linux but Im using the Linksys 10/100 etherfast cards in  my
linux box and my win 95 computer. the card is pci and rj45, it comes with all
the drivers and has ones specifically(did i spell that right) for linux....hope
this helped..