External Modem

External Modem

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   How would I set up my external modem? I'm having trouble getting it to dial

Cameron Cooper


External Modem

Post by Aj » Mon, 14 Sep 1998 04:00:00

You need to be more clear when you say you are having trouble. Provide some
sort of info on any error messages etc ppp says.

If you havent already done so, go read the PPP-HOWTO here:

>   How would I set up my external modem? I'm having trouble getting it to

>Cameron Cooper


1. Changing from Internal Modem to External Modem

Hi folks.  I've just found out the internal modem in my newly-created
Linux box is a WinModem, and won't work with Linux.  Fine, cool, it's a
14.4 K and I wanted to get a faster one anyways.  So, I'm about to buy
an External Modem (as from my reading, just about any External modem is
supported by Linux) and use it.

As I am extremely new to Linux, I have a question for which an answer
would be greatly appreciated.

Do I need to rebuild my kernel to remove support for the old, internal
modem before I pull it out of the PC?  I looked at the options in my
menuconfig settings, and I didn't see anything for Modems.  So, I'm
guessing no.  But I'm sure a linux guru out there could confirm or deny
this for me...

Currently, my plan of attack is:

1) Login as root, and remove my /dev/modem symbolic link (the external
modem will not use the same port as the internal modem).
2) Shutdown and halt my system.
3) Pull out the old, unusable modem.
4) Connect the new, shining, linux-happy external modem to the Serial
port, and plugging it in.
5) Start up my box, logging in as root and creating /dev/modem as a
symbolic link to the correct /dev/ttySn device.
6) Wave to the cheering crowd, smell one of the roses thrown to my feet
and bow gracefully.

So, except for #6, is this all I need to do?  If I'm seriously missing
something, I'd appreciate a forewarning. :)

Other details: it's a 486 box (revived from the dead) and I'm running
Red Hat 6.0 on it.


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