sndconfig problems

sndconfig problems

Post by Simon H » Fri, 07 Apr 2000 04:00:00

My Linux system has no working sound at present (e.g. CDs). Running
sndconfig, all goes well until I get to the bit where it plays a sound
sample. I've tried several configurations: in some cases I can't hear
the sound, so I guess in these cases I've got it configured wrong. In
other cases I still don't hear any sound but get a message like:

Modprobe error:

init module: Device or resource busy
uart401: Device or resource busy

which may as well be Greek to me. It's RH6.1 on a Toshiba Satellite. Any

Thanks (again!)


1. Soundblaster 16 sndconfig Problem


I could not get my Ensoniq Wavetable Sound Card to work in RedHat Linux
5.1 (even though it worked fine in 4.2).  So I got a Soundblaster 16
card and installed that instead.  It's wokring better, but it's still
not quite right.  I can play CDs fine, but I can't seem to get any other
sounds (Doom, RealAudio, .wav files, etc.) to work.  For those other
sounds, I get a variety of error messages suggesting that the IRQ and/or
DMAs are not properly set.  I used RedHat's sndconfig to configure the
card.  In Windows (where everything works fine), the settings are:

        I/O Port - 220
        IRQ - 05
        DMA - 01
        DMA - 03

In the sndconfig tool, it's impossible to choose DMAs 01 and 03 at the
same time--for the 8-bit DMA, I can choose 0, 1, or 3, and for the
16-bit DMA, I can choose 5, 6, or 7.  I have tried it with the 8-bit DMA
as both 1 and 3 (with the 16-bit DMA as 5 in both cases), and I've had
the same problems in both cases.

Do I have to recompile the kernel?  And if so, exactly which options do
I choose?


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