REQ HELP: Intel D865PERL board, 2.6.x kernel, runs like a 386 when running with ACPI?

REQ HELP: Intel D865PERL board, 2.6.x kernel, runs like a 386 when running with ACPI?

Post by James Downe » Thu, 25 Mar 2004 04:23:19

Hi all....

I have been at this for weeks now. Please help. Im pulling my hair out. :-)

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I have tried to get onto the 2.6 kernel (tried with 2.6.1, 2.6.3 and am
currently on 2.6.4 with the problem still apparent).

Its basically running great with the sound working, LAN, graphics etc. except
for a few problems that seem to relate to ACPI from what I can see or it may be
to do with the motherboard. I have it setup as a software RAID-1, and that is
working great.

If I boot with ACPI=off in /etc/grub.conf, it boots and runs quickly. BUT, if I
run with acpi enabled (i.e. acpi=force) it runs like a 386 and takes forever to

In addition, with ACPI off, when I come to shutdown and power off, it hangs the
system at "System halted". I then have to physically switch the machine off.
Under 2.4 this machine powers off ITSELF. I dont need to hit the switch with my
finger. The machine also turns off ITSELF after shutdown if I suffer the
machine running like a 386 with ACPI enabled.

[1] My assumption is that I cant have the best of both worlds - its either ACPI
off with a fast machine but manual power-off


[2] ACPI on, runs like a slow 386 equivalent machine, but shutdown powers off
properly. It takes AGES to boot up when I run it with ACPI!

Obviously, option 1 is the clear winner here, but it would be great to get to
the bottom of this.

I have rebuilt the kernel with highmem support, ACPI and / and APM (to try to
cure the shutdown / poweroff glitch) - I tried using either / or. This is no
good and I get either the slow machine syndrome described above, or a fast
machine with no acpi and manual power off.

I have the libata and ata_piix (version 1.01) in the kernel - these show in

In short, I want ACPI working and my machine running at its proper speed and a
proper shutdown without the need to flick the power switch myself.

In Windows mode (not that I use it!!!) it runs quickly with no problems so I
think there are no IRQ / hardware problems.

Thanks in advance for any help with this.


Here is my full system spec.:

CPU                     :       1 x INTEL 3.00GHz

MotherBoard             :       Intel D865PERL (with INTEL RAID and
                                HyperThreading) Desktop Board
                                82801EB Ultra-ATA Storage Controllers
                                OHCI 1394 IEEEE Host Controller

                                ** ICH5 is detected in dmesg **

Chipset ID              :       Chipset: Intel? 865PE

I/O Capabilities                :       SATA 150 and ATA-100

RAM                     :       1GB (1,047,216 ) DDR-400 in dal-channel dynamic
paging mode

Disks                   :       2 x Western Digital 80GB
Partitions              :       2 Disks setup as a /dev/md0 RAID-1
                                64,487 MB (Software RAID 1)

GFX card                :       Nividia GeForce FX 5600 128MB (IRQ 16)

OnBoard LAN             :       Enabled
                                1 x INTEL PRO/1000 CT (Onboard) (IRQ 18) "1394
                                Net Adapter" Intel? PRO/1000 CT

Additional LAN Cards    :       2 x 3COM EtherLink XL 3C905C-TX
                                (IRQ 22, IRQ 19)

Soundcard               :       SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio (Onboard)
                                (IRQ 17) (intel 8x0 module)

TV / SatTV Cards        :       [1] AVerMedia TV Studio (BT848) ('AVerMedia
                                Phone 98')

                                [2] Pinnacle PCTV Sat CI (BT848) (TwinHan DST

Ports                   :       COM1 (IRQ 4)
                                LPT1 (I/O 0378-037F)


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