Linux on a Gateway 2000 laptop

Linux on a Gateway 2000 laptop

Post by Weston Bustraa » Wed, 09 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Has anybody out there been successful
installing Linux and X-Windows on a
Gateway 2000 Solo S5 - 133XL Deluxe?


1. Gateway 2000 laptop w/Gateway SCSI PCMCIA

I have YGGDRASIL Plug-&-Play LINUX on CD-ROM.

I would like to install a minimal boot partition on my GATEWAY 2000
laptop and suck the rest off of my CD-ROM drive.  Only problem is that my
PCMCIA (GATEWAYs) card and driver is not supported (natively).  

Anyone out there know of a workaround for the GATEWAY?  

As of now I cannot bring up the Kernel.  I can invoke LILO from a floppy
boot disk but cannot access the CD-ROM disk due to above support issue.  
I tried to boot from DOS by invoking the RUNLINUX.BAT program on the CD.
The disk spins but the system hangs immediately after the invocation.

Thanks for any help

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