Olympus SYS230 magneto-optical drive

Olympus SYS230 magneto-optical drive

Post by Dre » Sat, 08 Aug 1998 04:00:00

    How do I get Linux to find my Olympus magneto-optical drive?

    Neither DOS nor Windoze NT have any problem with this, and in
fact, either OS can be booted off this drive. However, neither
Slackware nor the Redhat install floppies seem able to find it. Both
return "0 hosts found" or something to that effect.

    Currently I am using 2.0.27, and have Scuzzy hard drive,
miscillanious, and multiple-LUN support turned on. I am using Adaptec
cards, in one machine a 1522B and in another a 1542CF, both set to
treat removable drives as fixed. Also, I have established that normal
hard drives *are* detected, and have a working system on an old half-
gig attached to the 1542CF.

    The Optical-drive HOWTOs that I've found with alta-vista give a
description of mag-op theory, but don't say squat about how to
actually get one to work in linux. Has anyone succeeded in doing this?


- Drew.


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Paul Abrahams

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