Which PCI SCSI card for CD-R?

Which PCI SCSI card for CD-R?

Post by Matthew J. Hellma » Sat, 13 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I'm getting rid of my Adaptec 1505 ISA SCSI card and looking to replace
it with a PCI-based SCSI card.  I have no plans on getting any other
SCSI devices.  Which board is the best value(it must work well with
Linux and be fairly easy to configure)--I'm new to Linux;-)
TIA, Matt


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I've got a problem getting my network up and running.
When I want to put my eth0 up (compex PCI card using ne2k-pci) I got a
siocsifflafs:try again error. I found out that it had something to do with
irq's. A cat /proc/interrupts shows me that the PCI NCR810 scsi card was on
that IRQ. In windows everything works fine, so I figured linux could do it
I did some research and found that the scsi driver needed some modifications
(something with SA_INTTERUPTS that need to be remnoved). I tried it, but it
failed (compilor errors). Can someone help me out on this on?

changing irq's isn't possble, since I dont have that option in my BIOS and
besides, I dont have any other free IRQ left...    Please help!


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