8255 based parallel I/O card

8255 based parallel I/O card

Post by Daniele Dal Fiu » Wed, 10 May 1995 04:00:00

Hi all.

I have Linux running on a DEC PC XL (8MB RAM - SCSI and IDE disks).
On this PC I have both a NI GPIB card (I am trying to install the GPIB
driver from beaver.chemie.fu-berlin.de) and a parallel I/O card based
on the 8255 chip.
This chip should be (I was told by a PC wiz...) the same chip used in most of
PC LPT parallel ports.
If this is correct, maybe the Linux LPT driver can be modified to drive
these I/O cards. (I can try, even if I'm a little bit skeptical on my
chances of success....:-)

Any hint/opinion/suggestion? Has someone played with 8255 based I/O cards in Linux?

Thanks for reading.

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