Debian 2.0 setup troubles(SCSI) ?

Debian 2.0 setup troubles(SCSI) ?

Post by Trol » Mon, 14 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Everytime I try to install debian 2.0 I get the same symptom. It will load
till it gets to a line.....
Ncr53c875J-0 copying script fragments into the onboard ram

After that it just locks up my system. I have a Fireport 40 scsi controller
with a scsi Hard drive and cdrom. I can not install it at all.
Thanks in advance,


1. Trouble installing Debian 2.0 onto a 486/all scsi system

Howdy all.

My friend is trying to install Debian onto his 486, which is all scsi.
The card is a 2840, and is recognized fine.  The problem is, when
booting it trys to reset teh scsi channel, then does a stack dump and
locks up.  He installed RedHat with no I dont know
where to go from here.

I looked at the options available for install, and one of them was to
skip the reset channel portion....I tried to do that as well....but it
still resets the channels.  Could someone give me the exact syntax to
tell the install not to reset the channels.

Any other advice as to the problem will be appreciated,


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