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Evening, everyone. Forgive me if the answer to my question has already
been posted; I check briefly, but I have fairly little time and might
have missed it. I have recently installed Red Hat 5.1 on my system, and
am attempting to get my modem working. I have set up a PPP connection
and the settings seem correct, but when I attempt to fire up Usernet and
click the connection, nothing happens. The modem is not a winmodem
(*shudder*), but it IS a pnp device, with jumpers to manually set the
configuration. I have tried using these to set the modem up as it
currently reads from the win95 pnp configuration, but when I do so my
moniter displays nothing but its default "no data" pattern when I boot
the system. The modem is a NewCom 33,600ifx(c)...any help would be

Kevin O'Brien

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---== - Largest Usenet Server In The World! ==---

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